Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 6 Review: Port in the Storm

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Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey finally got married on Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 6 and rode away from Chicago with their family.

It’s a beautiful exit for Kara Killmer, whose Brett got to prove once again that she’s a one-in-a-million paramedic that the house will sorely miss.

Sylvie Brett is one in a million.


Everything that makes Chicago Fire Chicago Fire was celebrated for the wedding episode, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

As frantic as everything seemed going into the bachelorette party and while building up to the wedding, it went off without a hitch.

A wedding in a fish store is unique and hard to plan for, but every detail fell into place right up until they said I do.

Tony didn’t understand why they were calling it a “fish store” wedding with some derision when it had always been so much for those who visited it.

He worked hard to make it colorful and filled with wonderment. Would they have really needed the bridal convention decorations to do it?

The fish and the lights provided an ambiance Sylvie Brett wouldn’t have wished for in her wildest dreams, but it worked out pretty well.

She didn’t marry Casey in the aquarium, where she realized there was nobody else for her, but would anybody else find the splendor of friends and family as they did in the fish store? Probably not.

It was a one-of-a-kind wedding for a one-of-a-kind couple.

Severide: It’s funny how we pull out cigars, and it suddenly feels like you never left.
Casey: In a lot of ways, I didn’t.
Severide: It seems permanent somehow when you leave this time.
Casey: Sylvie and I will always come back to 51.

I have to agree with Kelly Severide. It does feel permanent. Although Casey and Sylvie will always be part of the Firehouse 51 family, they now have a family of their own.

When you cut close ties with places where you used to work or live, there’s always the possibility that this time will be the last time you’ll ever see someone again.

Severide and Casey remembered being young men with nobody and nothing to lose.

They’ve grown as a result of their friendship. They’re better firefighters and better men than they would be had they never met.

They’ll always be friends, but our opportunities to enjoy their friendship have disappeared.

Sylvie and Violet have become just as close and will find working without each other to be a new challenge.

Sylvie and Matt take a bright light with them when they leave, but we’re beginning to see others stepping in to take their places.

Violet Mikami has been through so much, and losing Sylvie, even for a blessing like marriage, will not be easy for her. Thankfully, she’s grown closer to Carver.

She’s pushing Carver away as hard as she can, but he’s not budging. That’s what Violet needs — someone to stand tall when she’s feeling weak.

That’s what Sylvie and Violet were for each other. If one held out their hand, the other took it. They were never alone.

Chief Robinson is such a sourpuss and so eager to grab the Worst Manager of the Year award that she’ll miss the extraordinary person she has working below her.

Oh, I’m sure something will come up where Robinson is wowed by Violet’s mad skills, but that’s going to be a while. The drama is just getting started with Robinson.

Gibson showed his softer side when he told Kylie she should consider sharing her desire to transfer to 51 with Boden. It sure seemed like he’d give up his spot for her.

During Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 5, it seemed like Gibson realized he’d landed just where he needed to be.

His pensive nature while talking with Kylie suggested he’d been mulling it over beforehand, but maybe he was just reading the situation and realized what he’d be willing to give up to make Kylie happy.

That’s what people do for someone they care about.

Look at Kelly and Stella Kidd. He’d give up a job he really enjoys to keep the love of his life.

Stella is willing to give up her need to have Kelly closer so that he can continue doing what he loves.

Sometimes, it seems like they don’t even realize how much the other loves them, yet they’ll willingly put their happiness aside to show their love.

There’s a little part of Stella who thinks Severide is never going to return when he leaves, but he doesn’t share that feeling and is more sure than ever that his place is with his wife.

These stories will remain, and characters will grow stronger with Brettsey’s absence. They’ll pick up the slack because they’re all one in a million.

That’s what attracts people to Firehouse 51 and instantly repels them, too. Now that I think of it, the more someone wants to come to 51, the less likely it will occur.

Look at the paramedics over the years who wanted to be close to the legendary Sylvie Brett or the firefighters who wanted the camaraderie they saw at 51 but didn’t want to do the work.

Well, someone will eventually get it right again, as we’ve got spots to fill.

We can pretty much guess that Chief Robinson will stick Violet with the worst paramedic out there, right? Does she seem like the kind of woman who will do the right thing for anyone but herself?

Saying goodbye to Sylvie and Matt Casey will be hard, but there is so much talent lined up and ready to take their place.

How do you expect the storyline to change with Sylvie gone?

Do you think they’ll return again? Do you care?

Have you moved beyond the early ties characters had to Chicago Fire?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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