See Will Smith And Martin Lawrence’s Hilarious Reaction To Learning Jason Kelce Doesn’t Wash His Feet


In the months following Jason Kelce’s retirement from the NFL and leading up to him joining ESPN, he’s been living it up online and getting into all sorts of humorous debates. Most recently, the former Philadelphia Eagles center got into it on X about whether or not you should wash your feet. Now, as Martin Lawrence and Will Smith promote their movie on the 2024 film schedule, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, they’ve been asked to share their thoughts on this whole situation, and they hilariously did not mince their words. 

What Jason Kelce Said About Not Washing His Feet 

Jason Kelce got into quite the dispute on X about whether you should wash your feet or not, and it swiftly went viral. For just a taste of his opinion on the matter, here’s one of his highly-viewed posts about this hot topic that also seemingly took a crack at Harrison Butker’s viral “homemaker” comments:

Later, on his podcast New Heights, Jason stood his ground explaining further why he thinks it’s silly to wash your feet, telling his brother Travis Kelce:


Embrace Debate: Do you need to wash your feet?

♬ original sound – New Heights

So, all this has become a massive topic of discussion on the internet, and now Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are getting in on it. 

To put it bluntly, the Bad Boys: Ride of Die stars were not here for Jason Kelce’s comments about not washing his feet. They immediately looked a bit disgusted and passionately disagreed with the former NFL center, as you can see in the hilarious clip below:

Here’s some important context for their reactions: on the show 7PM in Brooklyn with Carmelo Anthony & The Kid Mero they have a segment called “Fuckin’ With It or Fuck Outta Here.” So, the hosts asked the Bad Boys cast members about this whole Jason Kelce washing feet discourse, and Martin Lawrence did not hesitate to say:

Fuck outta here! Fuck outta here with that shit! Wash your feet nasty ass getting in the bed with them nasty ass feet.

Meanwhile, Will Smith added the slightest bit of  reasoning to his “fuck outta here” as he said:

You gotta get between the toes, like cause that’s…fuck outta here.

The guys then went on to talk about hygiene and Smith’s feelings about feet in general (which aren’t great) leaving their thoughts about Kelce at the simple yet funny explicit answers you saw above. 

All around, like various other debates Jason Kelce has been part of (I’m thinking about the NFL team name situation), this entire situation is quite silly. And while all three men’s responses had a lot of gusto behind them, they all seem to not be taking it that seriously either. 

If more comes up regarding this very odd internet debacle, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. To keep up with Jason Kelce, you can listen to New Heights every Wednesday and watch him on ESPN when the football season restarts on the 2024 TV schedule. You can also catch Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys: Ride of Die – which got a two-star review from CinemaBlend, however, the fourth Bad Boys movie split critics – in theaters now. 

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