Criminal Minds: Evolution Renewed For Third Season at Paramount+

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The Criminal Minds franchise will continue to evolve at Paramount+.

The streamer announced today that Criminal Minds: Evolution has scored an early renewal.

The news comes ahead of tomorrow’s Criminal Minds Evolution Season 2 premiere.

“Criminal Minds: Evolution has been renewed for an additional season and will go into production later this year,” reads a press release issued today.

“The upcoming season of Criminal Minds: Evolution will premiere tomorrow, Thursday, June 6, exclusively on Paramount+.

“The first two episodes will be available to stream at launch with subsequent new episodes dropping weekly on Thursdays.”

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The statement went on to tease events that are soon to unfold in the long-awaited sophomore season of Criminal Minds: Evolution.

“In the wake of last season’s shocking finale, the upcoming all-new season of Criminal Minds: Evolution picks up as the FBI’s elite team of profilers investigates the deadly mystery of Gold Star,” the announcement reads.

“As the conspiracy unfolds, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is met with an unexpected complication when serial killer Elias Voit negotiates a deal that transfers him to federal custody in the BAU’s own backyard,” the press release continues.

“The team faces its biggest threat yet and cannot emerge unscathed from the mind-bending consequences.”

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Mind-bending consequences? Sign us up!

Trailers for Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 have teased that the show will be going in a very dark direction in its upcoming episodes.

This is not a franchise that’s ever shied away from the more grisly aspects of law enforcement.

And fans have responded well to the show’s darker storylines.

So the news that the writers are taking advantage of their freedom from the usual constraints of network television will likely be met with macabre glee from the Criminal Minds faithful who are always on board for more serialized terror.

Today’s renewal serves as a welcome indication that Paramount execs have the utmost confidence in this series and are all-in on the continued expansion of this long-running franchise.

Criminal Minds got started with the original series way back in 2005, and as the franchise creeps up on its 20th anniversary, it looks as though there’s no end in sight.

These series have had their ups and downs over the years, but overall Criminal Minds has earned its reputation as one of the most consistent of the ultra-long-running franchises, and news of the latest renewal is sure to receive a positive response from fans.

What do you think, TV Fanatics?

Are looking forward to more Criminal Minds: Evolution? Or do you think this franchise is in danger of growing stale?

Hit the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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