After Megan Fox Opened Up About Miscarriage, Machine Gun Kelly Broke His Silence


Musician Machine Gun Kelly and his fiancé Megan Fox have just gone through a tragic event. While the two have hurdled through the challenges of getting back together after an alleged cheating drama, they’re now dealing with the traumatic experience of a miscarriage. After the Jennifer’s Body actress opened up about the heartbreaking moment, MGK broke his silence about it through his new song “Don’t Let Me Go.”

In MGK’s new music video for his rap track “Don’t Let Me Go,” he bares his soul and his new black-out tattoo look while expressing in his lyrics everything going on in his head. According to E! News, Machine Gun Kelly rapped in his new song about Megan Fox’s miscarriage in his line below:

How can I live with the fact/That my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby?/I don’t got no one to turn to/’Cause everyone’s dead in my life that was tryna raise me

Listening to that lyric sounds as heartbreaking as it must have been for MGK to write and perform it. In the past, Colton “MGK” Baker has shown his vulnerability through self-destructive ways. In 2020, he almost shot himself in the mouth while mourning the death of his father. There was also a scary time in 2022 when the rapper/rock star smashed a champagne glass on his face during a concert. 

However, therapy has seemed to work well with Baker throughout his life. He and the Transformers star allegedly used therapy to fix their relationship problems to learn about using communication, trust, and honesty for a healthy partnership. Therapy was also a helpful tool for the “Bloody Valentine” singer when he was working through his drug abuse issues as well. It’s a sign of relief that MGK is using music as a healthy outlet for his emotions compared to hurting himself.

Megan Fox, who co-parents three kids with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, recently opened up about her very difficult pregnancy loss and all of the pondering questions she had about why this had to happen to the couple. In her newly released poetry book Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, Fox wrote two poems about her miscarriage called “i” and “ii.” The words of prose may be hard to read, but ring truth in the heartbreaking experience like the lines, “Do you think that if she could have she would have left a suicide note?” or “they rip you from my insides” as she imagined holding the baby to her chest. The American actress hopes her words will inspire others to use their voice to bring light to “what’s been buried.”

MGK and Megan Fox have painfully conveyed their shared emotions about their miscarriage through the art of words. Our hearts at CinemaBlend go out to the couple during their time of healing. Take a look at our 2024 movie releases in case the engaged pair turns up in any future projects.

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