Sydney Sweeney Was Red Hot For Her Reunion With Anyone But You Co-Star Glen Powell, And Someone Please Get Me That Sequel


Romantic comedies are a tried and true genre in the film world, one capable of making a ton of money at the box office. One of the most recent additions has been Anyone But You, which performed well and starred Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney. The Euphoria actress was red hot for her reunion with Powell, so someone please get me that sequel. 

The hype around Anyone But You was high ahed of its release, thanks to rumors about Powell and Sweeney dating. The movie was a box office success, (see CinemaBlend’s Anyone But You review here) leading to chatter about a possible sequel. The pair reunited at the People’s Choice Awards, where Sweeney looked stunning in a red gown. Check out her look, courtesy of the actress’ Instagram

Once again, Sweeney has proved herself as a style icon when stepping out for public appearances. This is part of the reason why her star-power keeps growing, and why it would make sense for Sony to move forward with an Anyone But You sequel. Fingers crossed it actually happens. Although I also want to see Sweeney back as Spider-Woman after Madame Web.

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney reunite on stage at the People’s Choice Awards, introducing a surprise performance by Natasha Bedingfield, whose track “Unwritten” was featured in their movie. Check out the full segment below.

How fun is that? While Sweeney and Powell have denied any romantic connection between them, that hasn’t stopped the internet from theorizing about a possible showmance. And if the studio does indeed order an Anyone But You sequel, smart money says the chatter about the actors will get even louder.

Sydney Sweeney has definitely been keeping busy lately. Her and Powell’s appearance at the People’s Choice Awards came shortly after her long press tour promoting Madame Web. Unfortunately, it seems even less likely that the Dakota Johnson-led movie gets a sequel, given its dismal box office and critical performance. Although Sweeney looked killer in Spider-Woman’s suit… even if she only wore it briefly. 

But between Anyone But You and Madame Web, it seems like the Handmaid’s Tale alum has a great relationship with Sony that should open the door for more movie opportunities. We’ll just have to not-so-patiently wait for the studio so hopefully announce that a sequel for the rom-com is happening. After all, it’s a genre that audiences still respond to. 

Anyone But You has largely ended its theatrical run, although it is still in a few theaters. Fans are waiting for the project to finally arrive on streaming, but that hasn’t happened just yet. But the movie is available to purchase digitally and watched from the comfort of one’s home. While we wait for its streaming debut, check the 2024 movie release dates

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