Florence Pugh Tried A More Daring Take On The Corset Look Taylor Swift Wore Recently, And I Cannot Begin To Describe How Stunning It Is


If you are planning on wearing a dress with corset lacing to an event sometime soon, you are certainly on the right side of the trend line right now. Taylor Swift wore a glam version to the Grammys this year and JLo followed in her footsteps a few days later in a corset gown at the This Is Me Now… premiere last week. With awards ceremonies going into high gear this weekend (thank the People’s Choice Awards and the BAFTAS), it’s no surprise there were more laced-up looks on the red carpet. Yet, I’m still having trouble describing how stunning Florence Pugh’s take on the look really was. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Pugh has rapidly been gaining fashion icon status (though she claims she can’t compete with Zendaya) through partnerships with Valentino and more. For her BAFTAs 2024 look, she threw on a Harris Reed gown with a silver corset in stark contrast to the black flowy fabric underneath, which was apparently made of deadstock velvet. You can take a look at the head turner she wore in support of Oppenheimer, below. 

Florence pugh's Harris Reed-designed corset dress on the BAFTAs red carpet, 2024.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The bodice on this dress just gave it such an interesting silhouette; it’s honestly the kind of look you see, take in, and then immediately want to sneak another glance. Having said this, it’s certainly not a dress with more party in the back, as a look at the backside of the corset was pretty straightlaced. (Had to, sorry). 

The back of Florence Pugh's popular silver and black corset dress.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Harris Reed confirmed the look was his in an Instagram post, also noting he’s just as obsessed with dressing Florence Pugh as we are with him dressing Florence Pugh. Reed wrote:

There are few people in this world that I am more gagged to dress and respect more then the iconic Florence. Every time I get to sew my little heart out and make a fashion moment with you, it always feels like the first. I love you and thank you for always trusting me to create for you.

I can see why it’s such a privilege to dress Ms. Pugh, who has been making headlines since she “freed the nipple” in a dress a couple of years ago. As a star in such well-reviewed projects as Oppenheimer and the upcoming Dune Part II, she gets a lot of great chances to show off black tie looks on the red carpet. She also has a keen knack for choices and is heavily supportive of the designers she chooses to work with, including Reed. 

The good news? There are only more looks to come as Oppenheimer continues its awards run and Dune Part II continues on the press circuit. I cannot wait to see what Florence Pugh throws at us next… and perhaps Harris Reed will be putting together some of those looks as well. 

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