Chris Pratt on the Schwarzeneggers, Wife Katherine & Son Jack: 6 Highlights From In the Room

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Chris Pratt is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But to E!’s own Jason Kennedy, the Onward star is simply his “buddy Chris.”

Thus, it wasn’t surprising when the famed entertainment journalist got the Jurassic World leading man to open up on variety of topics during Monday’s all-new In the Room. In fact, the Parks & Recreation alum discussed everything from intermittent fasting to his favorite in-law to rediscovering his faith after his son Jack‘s premature birth.

Not to mention, the A-lister even touched on staying humble amid his box office successes.

“It’s taken me a long time of small incremental steps to get here,” Pratt reflected. “It started, I was a guy on a WB TV show. I’d be surprised if somebody knew who I was…And then all the way up ’til now, where you just don’t want to walk around making the assumption that people know who you are.”

We promise you, if you didn’t know who Chris Pratt was before, you’ll know a lot more about him after watching In the Room.

For everything this week’s In the Room taught us about Pratt, scroll through our major takeaways below!

Getting into action movie shape:

As Pratt detailed to Kennedy, in order to get into shape for the many action franchises he stars in, he does intermittent fasting and follows a Keto diet. Of course, he revealed he has to “cut out even more” from his diet just before filming.  

“I’ll eat an In-N-Out burger, which weighs say 10 ounces total, and I’ll gain four pounds. I don’t know how it works,” the father of one shared. “My body’s just like, I’m at 99 percent full of all the crap. So, if I put any crap in my body, my body immediately reacts.”

Why making people laugh is his love language:

According to the Everwood veteran, his father’s death made him realize that laughter was his love language.

“For me, laughter and making people laugh was like a love language in my family,” the seasoned actor relayed. “When my dad, who’s passed away…his physical and mental health had been failing for a long time towards the end of his life, it’s the one thing I could still do was make him laugh and he could still make me laugh. It was like, this language of humor.”

He reveals his favorite in-law & wife Katherine’s pet peeve:

As was previously teased in a sneak peek, Pratt couldn’t be more in love with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, whom he declared “changed my life for the better in so many ways.” Not only has Pratt fallen in love with Katherine, an author, but he also adores her family.

Specifically, Katherine’s mother, Maria Shriver.

Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Avengers: Endgame Premiere


“I love everyone in the family, [but] I gotta say Maria,” Pratt answered after brother-in-law Patrick Schwarzenegger asked the 40-year-old to pick a favorite family member.

As E! readers surely know, it’s said the actor began dating Katherine during the summer of 2018 after being introduced by her mother. Pratt and Schwarzenegger married back in June 2019, in front of friends and family, at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California.

“She’s a great stepmom. She’s, god-willing, gonna be a great mom one day,” Pratt expressed earlier in the episode. “She’s got great parents, great siblings. She fills in all my many deficits.”

Despite seeming like a perfect couple, Pratt admitted that his wife “doesn’t like it when I eat the food off her plate.”

On how Tommy Chong’s daughter lead to his big break:

Apparently, back when Pratt was working at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., he had a chance run-in with Rae Dawn Chong.

“She said, ‘You’re cute, do you act?’ And I said, ‘Hell yeah! Put me in a movie,'” Pratt detailed. “And she was like, ‘Well, we are auditioning people for a movie that I’m doing and it starts in four days and our guy just fell out. Do you want to audition for it?'”

And, of course, he said yes!

How his son’s birth helped him reconnect with his faith:

As Pratt shared with Kennedy, he became a bit lapsed in his faith during his early days in Hollywood. Yet, after his son with ex-wife Anna Faris was born premature, Pratt found himself turning to his faith once more.

Chris Pratt


“He was born premature by 10 weeks. Anna, his mom, went into labor at 30 weeks and he had some issues. He was in intensive care for a month,” he candidly recalled. “He had very serious complications, and it was a lot of prayer and a lot of promises and negotiations with God to save my son.”

Pratt went on to say that he considers Jack’s survival “a real miracle.” While he acknowledged that he has backslid on his faith since then, he noted that following his divorce he’s taking “it a little bit more seriously this time around.”

On almost passing on Guardians of the Galaxy:

“I passed on the audition and [director] James Gunn had passed on seeing me. James did not see me as the role and I did not see myself as being a Marvel superhero,” Pratt dished.

Initially, Pratt thought Star-Lord was this “brash” character. But, after a meeting with Gunn, he realized he could make the part his own.

“I just colloquialized the whole audition, went off book, did my own thing,” Pratt stated. “And, within a few minutes, James says that he turned back to Sarah and was like, ‘That’s it! That’s the dude.’

(Originally published Mar. 2 at 1:33 p.m. PT)

In the Room returns Monday at 1 p.m. with a special enhanced version airing at 10 p.m., only on E!

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