Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy Survived a Blizzard But Everything’s a Mess

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Well, they didn’t kill Beanie Feldstein

Grey’s and Station 19‘s big apparent crossover also wasn’t quite the disaster we were anticipating, though the blizzard that hit Seattle wasn’t great for anybody, and encouraged some really, really bad decisions. A guy on Station 19 accidentally cut off his foot and then tried to staple it back together, then tried to steal a firetruck to keep his foot from being amputated. And on Grey’s Anatomy, DeLuca walked to another hospital on foot to get a liver! In the freezing cold! 

And a girl named Tess (Feldstein) decided that she was going to abandon her hospital bed, because she was a patient, to pretend to be one of Richard’s interns. Schmitt spent half the episode searching for her, only to find her with her hand on a surgical tool, about to assist Richard on an actual procedure. Turns out she had been in med school when she was diagnosed with cancer, and she’s survived cancer four times since but never finished med school. 

Richard later encouraged her to keep trying to finish med school, and revealed that he has a tremor in his hand and knows his time as a surgeon is coming to an end. 

Elsewhere, DeLuca returned from his trip to get the liver with severely frozen hands, because he’s a dummy who didn’t wear gloves. He was still trying to treat patients when his hands were literally purple, and yelling at Meredith and Carina in the process, resenting them for any mention of his father. 

Meanwhile, Meredith and McWidow are getting closer, and it’s all just feeling a little…icky? We’re just not rooting for this pair yet, and we’re incredibly worried about DeLuca. 

Over in the messy ruins that is the Amelia/Link/Owen/Teddy/Koracick situation, Teddy suddenly got a vibe that Amelia’s baby might be Owen’s, so while clueless Owen was looking forward to a post-blizzard snow day with his fiancee, she was kissing Koracick again, and Link was hiding out with Jo, who just discovered that Alex was never in Iowa visiting his mom at all. 

We’ll learn what happened with Alex next week, but for now literally everything is just a bummer, except for Bailey sort of adopting the 18 year-old Joey.  

Over on Station 19, JJ gave birth in the fire station bathroom, and Andy learned that her dad only has six months to live, which was devastating. But what was really devastating was watching Travis spend all his time once again talking to a scared woman in a car, only for her to not survive. This time it was over a phone and not in a precarious situation in a bar, but it similarly made us want to give Travis a hug. 

Let’s hope things get better for everyone soon, for our own sake. 

Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy air Thursdays, starting at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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