Book Review: “Becoming The Total Package” by Aviva Reimer


I came across this treasure while reading an article about the Canadian born author Aviva Reimer. Who doesn’t want to become ‘The Total Package?’ “Becoming The Total Package” covers every topic imaginable to make your life a better place to be. Not only is Ms. Reimer an excellent writer, but she actually knows about each topic in her book. Without knowing her I trust her implicitly. I believe her writings are genuine and authentic and for me well worth the read.

The book delves deeply into relationships, including the intimate ones as well as helping one find a relationship. I found this portion of the book most interesting and when looking up information on the author I discovered that she is indeed a relationship expert. I also found out she is a life coach and physical trainer. Who is better qualified then to write a self-help book called “ Becoming The Total Package.”

I read each topic the manuscript offered with great anticipation of what I would gain from each chapter. I have to admit each section of the book offered more and more to enrich one’s life. I quickly decided to follow the author’s advice and become the total package myself. I found this book to be more than a self-help book but rather an introduction to a lifestyle.

I am looking forward to perhaps the author writing a sequel. I have read many health books, style books, relationship books, and self-help books in general. This book stands above them all

5/5 Stars

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