Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Is ‘Willing’ to ‘Fake Being in Love’ With Meri & ‘Put Up With’ Her

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Kody Brown and Meri Brown
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Kody Brown said he is “willing” to “fake” his marriage with Meri Brown during a confessional from the upcoming Sister Wives episode. In a clip obtained by Us Weekly, the 54-year-old reality star discussed his so-called frustrations about Meri, 52, in a scene that was filmed before they split in late 2022. 

“I’m willing to fake being in love with Meri,” the family patriarch said before explaining his mindset. “Doing my duties as a husband — sort of putting up with things that frustrate me so deeply that I struggle to be around her. If I need to for the sake of, whatever, I don’t know. I can fake through this.”

He then admitted that he didn’t “want to” fake his feelings. During her own confessional, Meri pointed out that she was aware of Kody’s attitude, and she wasn’t willing to go along with it.

“Why is he saying he’s willing to keep acting when he clearly hasn’t been for eight or 10 years?” The Lizzie’s Heritage Inn owner asked. “Also, I wouldn’t want him to do that. I’ve wanted to heal our relationship and even create a new relationship, but I’ve never insisted on it.” 

Meri Brown
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While discussing his feelings about Meri, Kody’s now-only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, asked him about how to deal with their plural family ending. Right before he split from Meri, Kody also separated from Janelle Brown in 2022. In late 2021, Christine Brown announced her and Kody’s breakup. She is now married to her second husband, David Woolley.

“This is the agreement you required of me in order to get married,” Kody said to Robyn, 45, referring to their spiritual and legal marriage. “This agreement that I gave you, our sacred covenant, was if I’m ever not in love with you, I won’t just sit there and be in a pathetic place with you.” 

Although Robyn was heartbroken over the disintegration of their polygamous family, Meri told her then-sister wife that she didn’t want her and Kody to struggle like this.

“It’s not fair to either of us,” the TLC personality explained. “It’s not fair for me to be alone like I have been for years. It’s not fair for him to feel like he has to do a duty.” Kody ended the clip by saying, “It’s not what I want either.” 

Throughout the previous season that aired in 2022, fans watched the polygamous bunch adjust to life without Christine, 51. As the season came to an end, the cracks in Janelle, 54, and Kody’s spiritual marriage emerged, and they split. While reports surfaced at the time that Meri and Kody had also called it quits, the former spouses didn’t confirm the news until January of this year by providing their own statement. 

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