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Those who enjoyed the In Search of Darkness documentaries will no doubt be familiar with CreatorVC. They dipped their toes into the video game realm earlier this year with FPS: First Person Shooter, and have now decided to delve deeper into the horror side of things with TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming doc! TerrorBytes will “explore the rich history of horror in the video game world, unravelling the stories behind everything from its pixelated past to its newest nightmares.”

Touting never-before-seen interviews with “some of the incredible teams and individuals behind horror gaming’s most important titles,” the TerrorBytes documentary plans on bringing you a private tour through video game’s horror history, guided by the very people who created it. Those “individuals” include developers, composers, voice actors, artists and writers, who will detail “the secrets, techniques and fine details” that feed into the creation of horror gaming’s most atmospheric titles.

TerrorBytes will take the viewer from the inception of horror gaming,  going back to its origins, and following the genre’s development into the modern era. Along the way, the documentary will explore the games and their cultural impact, the intricacies of their design and “the psychology of their scares.”

CreatorVC hasn’t yet started production on TerrorBytes, and instead are looking to fans for input on what they want to see covered by the doc. In order to do so, head on over to the TerrorBytes official site, read the synopsis, and give your feedback on what you think.

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