Kitchen Nightmares Sneak Peek: A Frustrated Ramsay Calls Off the Camera Crew

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Are you ready for the most intense episode of Kitchen Nightmares yet?

The series had to take a hiatus due to the World Series, but they’re back with an all-new episode, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

What happens when a family that enlists the show’s help behaves as if they don’t want to be helped?

Gordon Ramsay and his staff will face that and more!

We scored an exclusive sneak peek at this juicy episode, and we do mean juicy!

Throughout the season, Ramsay has faced off against various restaurants across New York and New Jersey.

And each of them had posed a series of issues that bordered on insurmountable when Ramsay and his crew arrived.

Fortunately, much to our delight, he’s been able to pull off the impossible at times and give these small struggling businesses a fighting chance by the episode’s end.

We’ve also heard some emotional stories along the way, enough to make us invested in each and every one of the outcomes.

Ramsay’s next task is challenging in a different way when he must help a family-owned juice bar.

On Juicy Box, Ramsay will have to assist a Haitian-American juice bar in Brooklyn.

It’s about what you’d expect with the restaurant owners dealing with chaos, a series of financial issues, and the risk of closure.

They’ve put their faith in their children, who serve as management at the juice bar, but unfortunately, that hasn’t come without some issues.

The owner’s children, while managers, tend to focus too much on partying and clowning around, and the business is slipping through the cracks as a result.


Well, from the synopsis, the Juicy Box’s owner was given 60 days to turn a profit off of the business.

If they fail, then they run the risk of losing their family business for good.

Ramsay hopes to transform this restaurant in a timely fashion, but first, he’ll have to get the owner’s kids in check.

In our exclusive clip, things will get quite intense at Juicy Box.

And you know it will be a heck of an episode when Gordon calls his camera crew off and sends them and the majority of the staff out of the room.

It likely means he wants to have a serious conversation and cut to the chase with the owner’s kids about why he’s there, what he expects, and what is at stake.

Ramsay is determined to get the staff at Juicy Box to take him seriously, but he won’t stick around if they don’t intend to do it.

In the exclusive, Gordon has the staff sitting in the restaurant, and he tells them that he’s at “a loss for words.”

When he got the call about this place, he thought he was there to fix things and implement a few fundamental changes.

He knew he’d have his work cut out for him, but he also expected some genuine effort on their part.

Gordon describes the restaurant as having “no system to fix and no standards to reach.” He declares this restaurant an “emergency.”

Ramsay lists some of the biggest issues at the restaurant from a walk-in that doesn’t work. Does that make anyone else think of The Bear?

He also mentions that the juice machine doesn’t work, which is particularly shocking for a juice bar.

Ramsay says that it’s not a viable business that shouldn’t even be open.

Ramsay reams the staff out, particularly the owner’s kids, as they’ve focused more on partying in the business rather than actually running it.

And when Ramsay doesn’t think they’re heeding his words and taking things seriously, he makes the shocking decision of sending the camera crew out of the room!

Check out the clip below!

Kitchen Nightmares returns Monday, November 6 at 8/7c on FOX.

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