Celebrity Sighting; Queen of the Paranormal (KO) Tearing Up Terror Con

Celebrity Sighting

KO, (Kadrolsha Ona Carole), Queen of the Paranormal (R). is in high demand. Here career is soaring to highs’ never seen before. She has brought the paranormal industry into main street.

Why I chose Kadrolsha Ona Carole over the rest for Celebrity Sighting.

We, my daughter and I, visited Terror Con in Malbrough, Massachusetts on Sunday September 17, 2923. It was the last of the three-day convention. Terror Con is a Horror themed convention that hosts horror stars from movies of yesteryear. Along with a vending area filled with interesting items for any horror junkie’s delight. Terror Con is the creation of Altered Reality Entertainment. It’s a fan favorite as the haunting season draws near. We spotted KO which is my daughters favorite out of all the celebrity guests at the convention because KO gave her a big hug at a different themed convention last year. KO takes the time to share her knowledge and is not afraid to embrace people like my daughter who has serve disabilities. All this without charging for a selfie or an alarming price for an autographed picture. Infact KO did not know that I was connect to any magazine. She gave my daughter a free selfie and an autographed picture. Told my daughter to write to her and she would answer her questions. My daughter wrote to KO and KO wrote back. Simply amazing that this beautiful individual took the time to write back to my daughter. Most of all KO kept her word to a young girl with trust issues as well as serve disabilities.

KO has been in movies, commercials and comic books. To learn more about KO visit her website below. Kadrolsha is also the host of Hollywood Entertainment News. A fun positive celebrity program.

At the end of the convention, I saw KO dancing and having fun. I asked her if I should have a copy of the footage. Her answer was sure spread my happiness.  I gladly obliged. Gave her push for her Supernatural News Bullets. See side bar.


Hollywood Entertainment News – Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News

Comic Con | Altered Reality Entertainment

Horror Convention | Terror Con | Marlborough (theterrorcon.com)


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