‘The Boogeyman’ Has Been Haunting TikTok with Creepy 12-Hour Interactive Stunt


An adaptation of Stephen King’s deeply unsettling short story, Rob Savage’s The Boogeyman is now playing in theaters, and 20th Century Studios has unleashed a unique and creepy TikTok live promotional stunt for the film this week. In an effort to immerse audiences in the sinister world of the movie, the studio has created a haunted scare room like no other, and enlisted the help of popular TikTok creators to share their experiences live on the platform.

This fully immersive experience tests the limits of bravery as influencer participants attempt to sleep for a harrowing 12 hours. They’re locked inside a scare room from 9pm to 9am, and users tune in to keep them awake by controlling the commands of the room in the live chat.

Users control spooky elements including the door opening and slamming shut, red eyes appearing in the closet, lights going on and off in the room, fog machines spewing, shadowy figures popping up in the window, the TV turning from The Boogeyman trailer to static, a creepy hand emerging from under the bed, and a chair rocking back and forth.

Over 1M people have been estimated to tune in the first few days with one final live stream tonight from @bradylarock starting at 9pm central.

Check out some images and video footage from this week’s interactive experiences below.

20th Century Studios collaborated with TriplePlay Studios for the viral marketing stunt.

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