Watch Nanny Faye Get Freaked Out During an Alligator Expedition

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This granny is ready to say, “Later, gator.” 

During a LOL-worthy sneak peek at this week’s Chrisley Knows Bestairing tomorrow on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 25, Nanny Faye reveals what she’s most thankful for this year: her Depends diapers! 

Nanny Faye, Chase and Todd Chrisley are “in the weeds” as they go on a late-night alligator search. Their guide offers “fun facts,” as Chase jokes, like how each alligator is born with 80 razor-sharp teeth. But, their boat seems just a little too small as an 11-ft. alligator splashes by. 

“We got to sneak up on it,” Chase teases. 

Todd counters, “No, it’s going to sneak up on us, is what’s going to happen.” 

The tour guide assures them to not get “alarmed” when the alligator gets closer to the boat. 

“One thing about that, I’m glad I wore Depends today because if I didn’t, I might have s––t on myself,” Nanny Faye snaps as the gator swims passed. “I’m through!” 

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