[Summer Game Fest] ‘Broken Pieces’ Channels Surrealist Old-School Survival Horror Along The French Coast


One of the games revealed during Friday’s Summer Game Fest was Elseware Experience’s Broken Pieces, a psychological thriller that evokes some heavy Silent Hill vibes in its aesthetic. Given that you’re stuck in an seemingly abandoned French coastal village, solving puzzles and fighting off otherworldly monsters, you can see where a lot of people are drawing that conclusion.

The story for Broken Pieces casts you as Elise, a woman in her thirties living with her fiancé in the village of Saint-Exil along the coast of France. Following an unexplained paranormal phenomenon, Elise is not only stuck in a time loop that has her reliving the same day over and over, she also has to investigate the mysteries surrounding the region regarding a ritualistic cult and its lighthouse overlooking the coast.

Now admittedly, the game looks a little rough around the edges at the moment. In fact, the devs make mention of that on the Steam page, saying that the game is still early in its development, and has things such as placeholder animations. Still, the trailer has those creepy vibes survival horror fans crave, not to mention that old-school fixed camera.

Broken Pieces can currently be wishlisted on its Steam page.

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