WandaVision’s Biggest Questions and Answers So Far

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Since episode one, we’ve all been wondering how Wanda created her sitcom world, if she did, in fact, create it. Episode eight finally explained it, with help from some really heartbreaking flashbacks.

In Sokovia, Wanda and Pietro’s parents would show them sitcoms, including The Dick Van Dyke Show. That’s what they were watching when a bomb went off and killed their parents, and Wanda and Pietro sheltered under some rubble for what turned out to be two days. A Stark bomb landed right next to them but somehow never went off, which Agatha theorized was due to Wanda’s extra powerful magic as a kid.

When Hydra forced an older Wanda to interact with the Mind Stone, it amplified the powers she already had, eventually giving her the ability to create a whole world of sitcoms in the blink of an eye.

After Vision’s death, Wanda traveled to Westview, New Jersey where Vision had apparently bought a plot of land for them. She magicked a house on that land and in the same instance, created the Hex, trapping all of Westview inside it.

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