30 Rock’s Guide to the Ultimate Leap Day, Because Real Life is for March

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Leap Day 2020 is upon us. And in case you, like Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), had no idea Leap Day was a “thing,” allow us to introduce you to the traditions that make Feb. 29 so special. The 2012 Leap Day episode of 30 Rock, which you can stream on Hulu, taught us everything we need to know to make the most out of this extra day. Check out all the tips below!

Make sure you’re wearing yellow and blue.

If you’re not sporting the signature Leap Day colors, prepare to be subjected to 24-hour torment. As the classic rhyme goes, “Poke your eye / Pull your hair / You forgot what clothes to wear.” (Or worse, Jack Donaghy’s [Alec Baldwin] less melodic and more aggressive Boston version: “Stomp on your foot / Kick you in the knee / Yankees suck, go Pats.”)

Cry like a child for candy.

According to legend, holiday mascot Leap Day William only gives up his precious candy for children’s tears. Better start looking forlorn and youthful if you want to score some sugar. If you’re cutting down on sweets, you could always go for the alternative Leap Day staple snack, rhubarb.

Take a leap. Do something crazy!

Leap Day is, as Pete Hornberger (Scott Adsit) put it, “a day to do the things you ordinarily wouldn’t do… a day to take chances.” If you’re Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), that means you attempt to rack up a $50,000 tab at Benihana. If you’re Toofer (Keith Powell), you listen to rap music.

Watch Leap Dave William.*

All day long, you can catch the classic holiday film thanks to USA Network’s Leap Day marathon. Starring Jim Carrey as Dave Williams and Andie MacDowell as his loving wife, Leap Dave William tells the story of an uptight lawyer who transforms into Leap Day William after an ice-fishing trip gone awry. Only after Williams sprouts gills, a gray mustache, and a blue top-hat does he realize the true meaning of Leap Day: Live every day as if it’s Leap Day, and every Leap Day as if it’s your last.”

*Leap Dave William is not a real movie. Just funny because it could be.

So there you have it: everything you need to make the most of this magical extra day. Happy Leap Day!

30 Rock is available to stream on Hulu.


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