Last Man Standing Sneak Peek: Reba’s Melissa Peterman Returns for Mike’s Latest Scheme

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In Thursday’s Last Man Standing (“I’m With Cupid”) Mike (Tim Allen) gets so bothered with Joe (Jay Leno) and Vanessa’s (Nancy Travis) friendship, he’s driven to do some diabolical deeds. Mike, as we know, isn’t somebody we’d label as laid back and easygoing, so when Joe and his wife start hanging out without him — having wine and talking about art and stuff — Mike ain’t feeling it. Vanessa even starts inviting Joe over for dinner, pushing Mike to the point of taking action.

As you’ll see in this sneak peek from Thursday’s episode, Joe and Vanessa’s little love fest gets under his skin so bad that he gripes about it with Ed (Hector Elizondo) who shares an important insight: Joe doesn’t have what they do (love) and maybe if Joe had a boo of his own then he’d spend more time with her than Mike’s wife?

Enter Cece (guest star and Reba alum Melissa Peterman), returning from her spot last season, and who is a little bit of a tart. (Witness: when she helps herself to an everything bagel she says “Like me, it can satisfy everyone.”) Right away, Joe finds that Cece doesn’t know the meaning of the word “chill” and her thirstiness plays exactly into Mike’s master plan. Will Joe take the bait and solve Mike’s woes…or does he have a bigger problem on his hands now?

Last Man Standing airs Thursday at 8/7c on Fox.

Jay Leno and Melissa Peterman, <em>Last Man Standing</em>Jay Leno and Melissa Peterman, Last Man Standing

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