‘Saltburn’ To Stream On Prime Video Before Christmas

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Saltburn, the gothic romance thriller from Oscar winner Emerald Fennell, will be available to stream worldwide on Prime Video on Dec. 22. The news comes after the Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan, Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant, and Carey Mulligan movie had an amazing post-Thanksgiving hold at the box office of -10% in its third weekend with $1.678M at 1,566 theaters.

Saltburn will arrive on Prime Video after a 36-day theatrical window. While under the post-pandemic 45-day theatrical window average, it’s a longer window for a specialty release which tend to hit homes within 17 days. That said, the window here for Saltburn is very similar to their spring movie Air which hit Prime Video after 38 days in theaters. Note, a movie can continue to be in theaters while on Prime Video. Air recorded grosses for 58 days and made $52.4M domestic, $90M worldwide.

In regards to that hold by Saltburn this past weekend at the B.O., typically such holds occur when a specialty title is being expanded, however, that wasn’t the case here. Essentially Saltburn saw 550 theaters jumping in grosses in their Saturday-to-Saturday takes. Seven hundred theaters in Saltburn‘s theater count rep 90% of the pic’s total gross. The movie’s top markets are NYC, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and DC.  

The Amazon MGM movie currently counts $6.3M at the stateside box office. Global is well north of $10M.

Saltburn follows the bromance between two Oxford University colleagues, one academic, Oliver, (Keoghan) and the other, Felix, the popular ladies man (Elordi). Oliver is invited to stay with Felix and his wealthy family at their country estate in the British countryside during a summer which turns sideways. The movie received a 72% fresh grade from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

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