All Rise Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Trouble Woman

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All Rise’s final season has found a successful formula, and I wish the series continued longer.

All Rise Season 3 Episode 13, we brought back Carl Brewer’s murder trial and some legendary guest stars, including DDA Thomas Choi (Reggie Lee) and Lola’s archrival, Corrine Cuthbert (Anne Heche).

This brought significant courtroom drama for Lola.

Mark and Luke suspected Carl Brewer was guilty of murder when another body was found in All Rise Season 3 Episode 12, and Carl was arrested for four additional murders.

While I was excited to see DDA Choi back to assist Mark, I was disappointed that Luke wasn’t helping them. I wanted to see them team up on this case, but since Luke was Carl’s defense attorney before, it wasn’t ethical.

Since Carl slipped through their fingers before, Mark was even more determined to win this case and not buy into Carl’s act that he was a sick, old man with cancer.

Amy: Big day. Are you ready?
Mark: Hell yeah. I’m always ready to put a serial killer behind bars, especially a creep like Carl Brewer.

While Mark gathered witnesses that tracked the pattern of the murders, the defense made their witnesses look incredible.

Carl Brewer did his research this time and hired Corrine Cuthbert, who despised Judge Carmichael for retaining her judgeship in All Rise Season 3 Episode 1.

She wanted to win this case but stick it to Lola and Mark, too, and make things as difficult as possible. She dug up dirt on the detective and harassed the gas station worker about her motives for not calling the cops years ago.

Lawyers often play dirty to win cases, so this was in perimeter until she set up an interview when there was a gag order. It’s such a high-profile murder trial that Lola didn’t want it to become a publicity circus.

Things became ugly as Corrine started swinging insults at Lola. In one of Anne Heche’s final scenes, Corrine demanded to know how Lola won the election and whether the voters ever returned their money.

Poor Sherri looked horrified since that incident destroyed them.

Both Heche and Missick played this confrontation beautifully, and I’m glad this scene was taped before Heche’s untimely death.

Carl never seemed like he cared about anyone. However, Mark found his weak spot — his sister, Mildred.

The first time Mark questioned her, Carl supposedly had a heart attack. Carl exploded when he asked her again about finding baggies of the victims’ hair in her storage unit.

Carl wouldn’t let anyone hurt his sister. He finally accepted his fate of going to prison and confessed to the crimes.

The mystery is, where are all the bodies? He taunted that he told them, but I suspect there is more to this story.

Robin and Lola’s relationship often frustrates me. They tend to bring up past resentments, and as someone who has been married for years, nothing fuels the fire faster.

It was tacky when Lola threw it in Robin’s face about spending time with the mom who used bad coupons. I love Lola, but that doesn’t compare to kissing your ex.

Robin investigating Andre was over the top, too. I dislike Andre, but he’s a lawyer, so it’s advisable if Robin plays by the book

. While I thought Andre took advantage of the situation, it did take two to tango.

Robin came to his senses and decided to romance his wife. Seeing him show up with red roses was such a sweet scene.

Thankfully, he admitted he forgave her. It’s always the hardest when your spouse hurts you, but that’s often when you need to forgive them.

Robin and Lola have been bickering for so long that seeing them kissing and making up in her chambers was refreshing. Hopefully, we’ll get more sexy scenes.

It was worth wiping the smug look off of Andre’s face when he realized that Robin knew about the kiss, and he forgave his wife and just had been visiting her.

Robin: I’m going to need you to stay away from my wife.
Andre: Hold up.
Robin: No, you hold up. The next time you think about planting a kiss on my wife, think twice. There’s going to be a problem if I see that again.

Andre seemed so arrogant, and he loved to be in control. He thought he could taunt Robin into reacting, but Amy arrived before the confrontation became violent.

While Amy works with Andre, I suspect she stopped the fight more for Robin’s sake. Lola and Robin have been Mark’s family for years; now they’re like hers.

It’s a shame that Andre has a stake in Amy and Rachel’s law firm. Otherwise, we could get rid of him more easily. He was just as angry and controlling there when there was a security breach and pressured Amy to fire Ness.

Thankfully, Amy didn’t listen, and Ness saved the day, proving what a talented young lawyer she was. She used her computer skills and confirmed that the opposing counsel hacked their system for confidential files.

Since All Rise Season 3 began, the series has brought the characters’ families to visit. This time, Emily arranged for Sara to be the buffer between an awkward first meeting between her dad and Luke.

Poor Emily. Her dad didn’t care about meeting Luke. He only needed her help because he was in legal trouble for several unpaid tickets.

There was something gruff yet charming about Mr. Lopez, though. He wanted to be left alone to enjoy life since he’s survived a heart attack. So be it if that means blowing through lights, drinking cognac, and smoking cigars.

Luke: I need her in my life, so I’m hoping you andf I can get to know each other a little better.
Mr. Lopez: I’ll tell you what. The next time we talk, bring some old cognac. It goes down nice with a good cigar.

Luke wasn’t used to that philosophy, but tried to bond with him anyway. So far, we’ve seen Sherri’s family and Emily’s dad. I’m hoping Lola’s parents pop in for another visit before the series ends.

You can watch All Rise online to refresh your memory if you need to review the Carl Brewer case.

“Trouble Woman” is even similar to the title of All Rise Season 3 Episode 4, when this controversial case began.

This time, the case focused more on the female victims and how Mildred, Carl’s sister, realized Carl was a deranged serial killer.

Have we seen the last of Carl, or was he taunting Lola with those postcards? He better not hurt our beloved judge.

Were you happy to see DDA Choi again? Do you think the Carl Brewer case is over or starting a different arc?

Mark and Amy finally set a wedding date. Do you think the wedding will be in two weeks or closer to the series finale?

Comment below.

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