Florida Republican files bill to ban Pride flags on public buildings

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A Republican lawmaker in Florida has introduced legislation to ban Pride and ‘political’ flags from local and state government buildings.

David Borrero, who represents Northwestern Miami-Dade County, filed the House Bill 901 – also called the ‘Display of Flags by Governmental Entities’ bill.

If passed, the legislation would see that a “governmental entity may not erect or display a flag that represent a political viewpoint”, as it must “remain neutral when representing political viewpoints in displaying of erecting a flag”. Such viewpoints include those labelled as “racial, sexual orientation and gender, or political ideology”.

Under the definitions of the bill, a “governmental entity” would include local government buildings, public schools and government agencies.

The draft bill adds that the law would not impact the rights of a private individual to express their political viewpoints, which suggests people would not be barred from displaying Pride flags on private property.

As well as this, HB901 would require that the the United States flag is flown in a “prominent position that is superior to any other” flag on display, when flown near other ones.

This is not the first time Republicans have sought to ban the Pride flag.

Earlier in the year, Tennessee representative Gino Bulso – who represents Brentwood – filed House Bill 1605 which would make it illegal public and charter schools to display any flag other than the American flag and Tennessee state flag.

The aim being to ban flags such as the Pride flag from being flown.

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