Hours after outing a gay man on Facebook, a woman was killed in a fatal shooting and car crash

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Jane Waughfield was found dead in a four-way car crash just two hours after outing a man as gay on Facebook. (Screen capture via Facebook)

A woman died Tuesday after being shot before colliding into three cars just hours after taking to Facebook Live to out a man as gay, Indianapolis police said.

Jane Waughfield, 40, stumbled onto two men having sex Monday. One of whom, she claimed, was a man she had previously hooked-up with.

She then recorded a video on the social media website, laced with homophobic slurs, threatening to expose the man’s sexuality if he didn’t wire her $5,000 through CashApp, a mobile payment app.

Authorities said she was found inside her yellow Camaro vehicle hurtling into another car in the morning. The driver of one car emerged to find Waughfield unresponsive inside, apparently bleeding a gunshot wound.

Although, investigators have not yet linked her death to her Facebook Live broadcast, RTV6 reported.

What happened?

“Y’all gotta hear this story,” she said in the 17 minute-long video, “because this is a good story.”

Waughfield explained that she had sex with a man two years ago and later discovered he was “f***ing n*****s in the a**.”

Punctuated by profanity, she recounted doing “business” with the man. But left her phone on the side, so returned back to his house to retrieve it.

But when she opened the unlocked door to grab her mobile, she walked in on the man and another man, who she claimed to be his lover, having sex.

She claimed seeing the pair have sex left her “scarred” and “traumatised” as they “tired to kill” her, “they chased me out of the house”, she said, as she fled the scene and grabbed her phone.

“If I die, let them people know how they killed me,” she said in the now-deleted livestream.

Waughfield threatened to extort the man to pay her money or else be publicly identified: “I have him ample opportunity.”

However, when the man did not send her the money, she outed him in a video. Sharing the man’s name alongside his photograph and employment.

Woman found dead by gun shot after outing man on Facebook.

Just tow hours later, Waughfield was found shot dead inside a car that has rocketed down the road at speeds of 90 to 100 miles per hour on the north side of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to the scene near Lafayette Road and 30th Street before 10am. Pedestrians reported multiple gun shots and then a large crash.

Patrol cars hurried to the scene to find a crash involving four vehicles. The woman, Waughfield, was rushed to hospital due to her gun wound.

She died later in the hospital.

Another victim involved in the crash was also taken to the hospital in serious condition.

A law enforcement spokesperson said: “We believe this to be a directed and isolated incident.”

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