Days of Our Lives Round Table: Valentine’s Day Addition

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It was Valentine’s Day in Salem and did anyone expect a wedding to really go off without a hitch?

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Trey and Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to pick Salem’s most romantic couples past and present, which characters should be paired romantically that aren’t, and who they want to see leave Salem!

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Who is Salem’s current most romantic pairing?

Trey: Doug and Julie are always a romantic pairing!

Of the newer couples, I am really enjoying Sarah and Xander. I like how they have grown together. Xander wants to be a better man for her and she accepts him for his own faults.

Plus Xander and Maggie are so cute together.

Jack: I love the classic couples. Julie and Doug are one of my all-time favorite pairings, as are Jack and Jennifer. At those times that we get to see these couples interact, they’re both very romantic.

Occasionally John and Marlena bring the romance too.

Sportsgirl: It may be a tie between Marlena & John and Julie & Doug. Both been together a long time and totally dedicated to each other.

Christine: I’m loving Sarah and Xander because the show has taken the time to bring them together slowly which is far more fun. They also do a wonderful job of combining both humor and romance.

My second favorite is Jack and Jennifer for many of the same reasons.

It’s your turn TV Fanatics. Who do you think is the most romantic couple currently in Salem?

Who is the most romantic Days of Our Lives couple of all time?

Trey: My favorite Days couple has always been Patch and Kayla. Everything about their courtship and things they overcame (Kayla’s rape, deafness, etc. have always been thrilling).

I hate how they broke up, but am interested in seeing if Steve ever recovers from being Stevano or if this is a permanent casting for Steven Nichols.

Jack: Steve and Kayla are tied with Jack and Jennifer for my all-time favorite — not counting Tom and Alice, of course.

Sportsgirl: All-time has to be Tom & Alice. I remember vaguely those two together especially when Tom was the beat poet Norm de Plume.

Christine: I loved Bo and Hope. They just fit together in a way that you don’t see very often and I miss them.

I’m also a huge fan of Jack and Jennifer and I always did love Shane and Kimberly when they were together on the show.

Are there two characters who aren’t currently a couple but you’d like to see them paired together?

Trey: I would have loved to see Kate reconnect with Roman again. I would also have loved for Days to have explored Rafe and Nicole as more than friends.

Jack: I have long wanted to see Nicole and Rafe give it a try. I’ve always enjoyed their friendship and think they might make a good couple.

Sportsgirl: I have always thought that Rafe & Nicole would make a great couple. Neither one has had success in the love department plus both are similar as in Nicole being a part sleuth, not a career, but as in character trait.

They did have a nice friendship at one time until the writers forgot about it.

Christine: Wow, this is unanimous. I’ve always thought that Rafe and Nicole could build a great romance on their friendship and I’m disappointed that the show never took the time to explore this.

Who had the best and the worst outfits at Gabi and Eli’s wedding?

Trey: Best – tough to tell. Everyone looked lovely. Worst – Lani by default.

Jack: I liked Abby’s dress. I thought both Julie and Gabi’s dresses were weird. The guys all looked good in their tuxes/suits.

Sportsgirl: I don’t usually pay much attention to outfits. I didn’t particularly like Gabi’s gown but I despised Abigail’s dress. Why do most of her outfits look so big on her? I wish I had paid more attention to the clothes.

Christine: Worst is a tie between Gabi’s cheesy prom dress that she wore to her own wedding and Abigail’s horrible bright green monstrosity.

I agree with Sportsgirl, Abigail’s clothes never seem to fit her well. As for the best, both Eli and Brady looked very handsome in their tuxedos.

Do you think anyone will be able to get through to Hope now that they know Princess Gina has taken over her body and if so, who?

Trey: I think Jennifer could get through to Gina. There’s a reason Gina didn’t kill her when she woke from the coma and maybe that was in part due to Hope.

Jack: I think they need to surgically remove that microchip, as Shawn suggested. Why they’re treating this as if Hope has DID is beyond me.

Sportsgirl: I don’t think Hope was brainwashed. I think she was chipped and I believe someone, probably Rafe, will discover that and Kayla will remove the chip.

Christine: Yeah, that chip needs to be removed because if Shawn couldn’t reach her then I’m not sure anyone can.

Ciara has barely noticed there’s anything wrong with her mom and although Hope might love Jennifer, Princess Gina still tossed her off of a balcony so I don’t think her feelings for her cousin are enough to bring her around.

Rumor has it that a few characters may be leaving the show in the coming weeks. Without giving away any spoilers, which characters would you choose to leave Salem?

Trey: I’d choose to retire Ciara’s character for a while. She’s become one note with her Ben obsession and I don’t enjoy watching how they’ve changed her into such a lovesick cheerleader for Ben. I don’t enjoy them anymore.

I’d also be okay never seeing Clyde Weston. 

Jack: I would get rid of Lani and her eternal whining and insistence she’s helpless.

I also could do without Stevano and Gina. Restore them to who they are supposed to be and send those doppelgangers packing.

Finally, I see no use or need for Evan and would much rather see Will get free and he and Sonny try again to have another child.

Sportsgirl: I could do without Chad & Abigail and sourpuss Eric needs to go. He is so rarely happy & smiling.

Christine: Wow, I have quite a list. Ciara can go. Like Trey said, her only character trait is her obsession with Ben and I no longer care.

Lani does nothing but whine and very little to actually help herself so she can leave Salem too.

Chad and Abigail are dull beyond words. If the show can’t come up with anything interesting for them then send them back to Europe.

Finally, I’m so over this Princess Gina/Stevano fiasco. Let’s send them back into whatever reaches of Hell from which they came and get back to Hope and Steve.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Trey: I liked seeing some of the action and adventures in Prague. It’s fun seeing the characters having adventures and excitement again. I am not enjoying watching how mean Stevano is to Kayla.

I can’t wait to see how the wedding drama plays out.

I think one of my favorite lines was from Victor telling Justin that it was no wonder he had a stroke because of the stress of all the false accusations against him. 

Jack: I laughed out loud at Victor saying that people accusing him falsely was why he had a stroke. 

Sportsgirl: Any Xander and Sarah scene. They are so adorable together. It was funny when Sarah told Nicole & Eric they were a couple and they looked at her like “UGH” and she just blew them off saying he is a changed man.

Christine: It was good to hear Kayla finally get to tell “Steve” off although I wish she would have walked out on him much sooner.

Also, Chad and Abby trying to explain the Stefano/Princess Gina situation to Gabi was comical with Days of Our Lives quotes like this… 

Chad: He tried to kill Hattie Adams.
Gabi: Of course he did. Anybody who’s had her as a waitress would want to kill her.

Finally, Valerie’s return. She hasn’t said much yet but her hair was absolutely gorgeous!

Want to chat more about the happenings in Salem? Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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