15 Gorgeous LORD OF THE RINGS Earrings


If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, maybe you’ve probably got a Gandalf-style cloak stashed away in your closet, or own 67 different editions of the book (yup, guilty) or have your favorite lines memorized. So obviously, what you (or your LOTR-loving bestie/sweetheart/kid/parent/etc.) need now is some beautiful Lord of the Rings earrings.

From delightfully geeky earrings that celebrate the fandom to sleek ones that you could totally rock with a fancy outfit to beautiful jewelry with just a hint of LOTR inspiration, there are a lot to chose from. Get ready: here are 15 Lord of the Rings earrings guaranteed to please all tastes.

If you like the idea of wearing mini books in your ears, check out these sweet Hobbit and Lord of the Rings book earrings. ($11.66)

And if you want something a little simpler, how about these elegant Lord of the Rings book earrings. ($25)

Maybe you just want something pretty. Get in touch with your Elvish side with these lovely Evenstar earrings. ($6.85)

If you’ve always thought Tolkien’s rune-like monogram was pretty, don’t miss your your chance to display it with these Tolkien monogram stud earrings. ($10.99)

Who doesn’t want a little bit of the Shire in their jewelry drawer? Check out these cute polymer clay hobbit door earrings. ($19.02)

I also love this slightly different take on hobbit door earrings. ($6.16)

These bottle cap tree of Gondor earrings are beautiful. The artist also has lots of other Lord of the Rings–themed bottle cap earrings to choose from. ($5.99)

If you’re in need of jewelry to help you feel powerful, look no further than these axe earrings inspired by Gimli’s famous weapon. ($4.79)

Or you might want to go for these beautiful Sting earrings. Just in case you live in an orc-rich environment and want an early-warning system. ($16)

Celebrate Frodo and Sam’s friendship with these sweet earrings made with pages from the book. ($10)

If it’s Tolkien’s poetry that moves you, you’ll love these “Not all those who wander are lost” quote earrings.($7)

I love these Elvish script earrings, made from the title page of the book. But you’ll need to find someone who speaks Elvish to translate them. ($10)

These Middle-earth in a jar earrings are a clever take on the theme—a collection of Tolkien quotes in a little glass bottle. ($17)

If you’re looking for something a little less obvious, check out these Smaug dragon scale earrings. They’re beautiful as abstract jewelry, but if you know they were inspired by The Hobbit, you can totally see the dragon scales. ($6.61)

Finally, I would not touch these Eye of Sauron earrings with a ten foot pole (or even a hundred foot one), but you do you. Maybe you have someone you really need to scare. Or hex. ($8.58)

Is wearable Lord of the Rings art not quite enough for you? Check out this rad list of Lord of the Rings tattoos.

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