The Bachelor Episode 7 Recap: Peter Sent Home the Only Two Relatable Women


Hooo boy The Bachelor is getting real now! Peter Weber has his final four: Hannah Ann, Victoria F., Kelsey, and Madi. Natasha and Kelley got sent home. The last two voices of reason are gone. The drama is about to get even more dramatic.

The show continued its South American tour with a trip to Lima, Peru. Peter Skyped with his mother just like I Skype with Jacqueline Trumbull when we record A Beautiful Podcast to Fall in Love, except Jacqueline has never told me I have to be honest with myself. She always enables my self-deception. (JK JK, Jacqueline gives very good advice, like a future mental health professional should.)

Peter went and told the girls he’s taking the process very seriously, and he hopes they all are, too. It put them into a pensive mood, until a date card was delivered and informed Madison that she was going on a date. It was time to see what Peter and all these people on Twitter see in Madi, the frontrunner who has not gotten much airtime compared to Hannah Ann and Victoria F.

It was the first one-on-one date of the season that didn’t have an aircraft of some sort (I genuinely don’t know if I’m joking or not. I can’t remember all the details of the previous dates, but I know there have been even more helicopters and little planes than usual on Pilot Peter’s season).

Back at the hotel, Kelsey alluded to how religious Madi is, and how she’s not sure if Peter is as devout as she is, and how that might become a dealbreaker in their relationship. And Natasha was bummed about how her connection wasn’t as strong as the other girls’ because she hadn’t gotten a one-on-one. And then knock knock, who’s there, a date card for Natasha!

Peter and Madi had dinner in a beautiful room with stars on the ceiling, and she told him she saw a future with him, and it was making her emotional, because things were getting real and she didn’t want to get hurt. She told Peter about how much he reminds her of her dad, and how her faith is the most important thing to her — like really important, like if her pastor called for a crusade, she would go to holy war. And Peter took a long pause before he answered, and told her how much her faith inspired him, and how he is a Christian, but his faith could be stronger. It didn’t inspire a lot of faith in his faith. He changed the subject by telling her that he was falling in love with her. She’s the first woman he’s said that to this season. He gave her the rose that will progress her along to her hometown.

Next up was Natasha. The fact that multiple women got two dates before she got one proved that Natasha wasn’t going to make it. But their date started nicely, walking around and eating food. She told him that her last boyfriend broke up with her because she was too intense, which, you know, I’m not gonna sit here and act like I don’t see it. Natasha is very comfortable with confrontation. Going into dinner, Peter knew he was falling in love with Madison, but was going to give Natasha as much as he could.

Natasha told him she really sees the potential for something special and real with Peter, which was kinda hard to watch, because Peter was so clearly not going to pick her. She was pretty clear-eyed about it, though, saying that she felt like she was kind of in limbo until she knew what Peter was really feeling. And then he told her: He likes her, but he doesn’t like like her. She took it well, because she’s a reasonable, normal person. Hopefully we either see Natasha on Bachelor in Paradise or never see her on TV again because she met someone great IRL.

Then it was Kelsey’s turn for a date. She and Peter rode ATVs through some hills (Peter called them mountains, but they didn’t quite rise to the level of mountains, in my humble opinion). Kelsey went very slow because she was nervous. They ran up a hill, and breathlessly talked about how they want to raise their kids. There was a very nice drone shot of them laying on the hill as the show went to commercial. Pretty cool!

During the dinner portion of the date, Kelsey had some things she needed to tell Peter about her family. She said that if she gets a hometown date, her dad wouldn’t be there. She didn’t speak to her dad for years after her parents got divorced, but she recently rekindled a relationship with him and her mother doesn’t know, so Kelsey would prefer Peter not bring that up. Well, Kelsey’s mom knows now. Peter said he could definitely see himself going to meet her family, and gave her a rose.

“Tomorrow won’t be easy,” Peter’s date card warned Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Kelley, who were going to go on a three-on-one. Not even pretending that it was going to be fun. And Kelley seemed to react to her fear of getting sent home by getting kinda cocky and mean. She called Hannah Ann and Victoria “children.”

On the date, Hannah Ann said the past week since their one-on-one has been really hard on her, because she’s falling for Peter and doesn’t want to lose him. She cried a little bit, which Peter probably liked. But you know what? I liked it, too. Or it made me like Hannah Ann more, because it was the most genuine and vulnerable she’d been on the show, reading Peter a list of the things she liked about him. it retroactively made me understand where Peter was coming from when talked about how he wanted Hannah Ann to stop acting like everything was perfect.

Victoria and Kelley were waiting, and handling it very differently. Kelley kicked her feet up while Victoria melted down.”It’s annoying to be around me,” she whined.

Peter sat down with Kelley, who told him that she was annoyed that she didn’t get a second one-on-one, but she just wanted to have fun with Peter, which continued to bother him, because he hates fun, apparently.

When he talked to Victoria, she accused him of being “in a mood” every time he talks to her. He said she pushes him away every time he talks to her. She said she was afraid of losing him, so maybe she shouldn’t have him in the first place. She was trying to break up with him, and he was not hearing it. A few moments later, when the girls were gathered and it was time to give out the final roses of the week, he pulled Victoria aside. Kelley — who said “I mean, look at me. I’m an attorney. The other girls, what are they?” — looked on triumphantly.

Victoria thought she was going home, but then Peter gave her the rose, and she was able to act excited. Maybe she was excited to get to stay on the show a little longer. She literally couldn’t even.

Hannah Ann and Kelley saw Peter coming back without a rose. He gave the final rose to Hannah Ann, who broke down sobbing from stress and relief. This whole sequence was filmed at twilight, getting progressively darker, and the sun finally went down when Peter told Kelley she wasn’t getting the rose. It was a nice touch. Kelley had very little to say to Peter. What else is there to say? It’s over. In the limo, she said she questioned Peter’s intentions, because the four women he had left were “little babies.” She questioned his ability to be decisive, and said she was glad he didn’t waste her time. Better that he didn’t meet her family. Harsh but fair — Kelley is cool.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. Episodes are available to stream on Hulu the following day.

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