Kendall Jenner Still Gets Carded

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“Do you mind if we sit?” asks Kendall Jenner. “My back kind of aches today.”

Of course it does. The model was stomping Tom Ford’s runway in Los Angeles on Friday night– 12 hours later, she appeared at the Longchamp show in Manhattan, posing in a full look from the Fall 2020 collection (a nod to ’70s French girls, leather gaucho pants included). Jenner’s the face of their brand, after all, and a red-eye flight is no match for the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s famous work ethic… especially when great boots are involved.

Here’s what Kendall told us after the show…

Kendall Jenner Longchamp 


You were just photographed in Miami with another tiny Longchamp bag. What’s the advantage to a mini tote?

I just love a tiny bag! Personally, I don’t carry a lot when I’m just going through the day somewhere. I need my lip balm, cell phone, and wallet. I don’t want to carry anything else on an everyday basis, you know? It fits the perfect amount; that’s really all I need.

You still carry a wallet?

Oh yeah, of course. You always need your some form of payment and your ID, right?

Wait, you need ID? Don’t tell me people card you…

Are you kidding? I get carded a lot. I’m fine with it–honestly, I kind of like it. I’m 24, and so it’s still that age where it’s exciting to show that I’m legal! I can order what I want to drink, I swear!

I had a Longchamp tote in college, but my sorority sister stole it. Should I ask nicely or just go steal it back from her house?

It’s yours! Go steal it back. Don’t ask. I have sisters and I’m telling you, you need to steal your Longchamp bag back.

Which do you prefer right now, runway shows or photo shoots?

Oooh, it’s tough. They’re very different. Runway, during the hectic fashion weeks, towards the end of it, you’re like, “Oh my god, this is a lot.” So many looks, so many photographers. It’s obviously a dream come true to get to model in a runway show, but it’s still very intense. What I think is the coolest part is that you get to be part of the designer’s creative experience. You’re there doing it with them, which feels really special. But campaigns are cool because you get to immerse yourself in a character for a day. You get to explore your own creative side by creating a really sick photo and pretending to be someone else.

And you just pretended to be a Navarro College cheerleader.

I really tried.

Did you expect to land the stunt you did on Ellen?

No! Oh my god. I had no idea. I’m sure people saw me do it, and they said, “Oh, she planned that. She practiced.” I swear to you, that’s not what happened. I had no idea [the CHEER team] was there. My publicist didn’t know. The Ellen show didn’t tell me. I swear.

And you said, “I’ll get all the way up.”

No, I said, “I’ll do the knee stand.” And Ellen [DeGeneres] said, “Oh no, come on, get up! Do the hard one!”

Did you expect her to be easier on you?!

It’s just that I thought I was too tall. Fliers are tiny! Those girls were really small. I am nearly six foot. To be honest with you, I’m glad I did it and it was so fun… but I was so surprised I made it. I did not expect it to work.

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