Picture This: What We Know About The New Rom-Com Starring Simone Ashley And Hero Fiennes Tiffin


Get your tissues ready for crying or laughing because a new rom-com is coming in the form of Picture This. 

Honestly, we’re living in a rejuvenation of the rom-com right now. While we do have some of the best rom-coms ever to look back on, new ones have been released that have tested the genre and become major hits, from the Anne Hathaway smash, The Idea of You to the Sydney Sweeney-led Anyone But You. We even have another film coming out with Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield called We Live In Time, which is something I’m very excited about.

But guess what? Another rom-com has been confirmed, and it stars one of Hollywood’s brightest rising stars, Simone Ashley. But, who else is going to star in this film? What could it possibly be about? Here is what we know so far. 

What Is The Picture This Release Date?

Some of the best movies ever are on Amazon Prime

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At the time of writing this, there is no set release date for Picture This. This isn’t that much of a shocker, considering Deadline only announced the movie in March 2024, so to have a set release date so quickly would be surprising. 

However, because it’s a rom-com and likely doesn’t have much in the way of CGI or stunts (and another reason we’ll get into later), I wouldn’t be surprised if Picture This came out later this year as part of the 2024 movie schedule. Granted, there are a ton of films coming out in the next few months, from the highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine to the Colleen Hoover adaptation of It Ends With Us to so much more. It would be hard to put Picture This somewhere in there as well. 

Deadline confirmed as well that the movie will actually be releasing on Amazon Prime, so, thankfully, it won’t have a ridiculous amount of theater competition blocking it. I can’t wait to see when it comes out.  

The Picture This Cast Stars Simone Ashley, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Phil Dunster And More

simone ashley as kate on bridgerton

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Thankfully, we know the main cast for the new rom-com, as confirmed by the Deadline article above, with even a few names set as well. Here is who you can expect to see in the Picture This cast:  

Simone Ashley as Pia

Simone Ashley will play Pia in Picture This. The actress is primarily known for her role in the Sex Education cast, as well as her main role in Bridgerton in Seasons 2 and 3, where she plays Kate, the wife of Anthony Bridgerton

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

Hero Fiennes Tiffin will also have a role. The actor has gained worldwide fame for his part in the After films but has appeared in various other movies, such as the Harry Potter film franchise, as well as The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. 

Anoushka Chadha as Sonal

Anoushka Chadha will play Sonal, Pia’s sister, in Picture This. The actress has appeared in various TV shows, including Unforgotten, Nova Joes, Doctors, and more, and even had a guest role in You, one of the best shows to binge-watch on Netflix. 

Luke Fetherston as Jay

Luke Fetherston will play Jay, Pia’s best friend. Fetherstone is an English actor who has appeared in Almost Never as Fabio, Pandora as Harlan Fried, and also had a guest role in Doctor Who. He’s also appeared in various stage productions, as well. 

Sindhu Vee as Laxmi

Sindhu Vee will play Laxmi, Pia’s mother. The actress is primarily known for her role as Mrs. Phelps in the Netflix movie, Matilda the Musical

Phil Dunster

Phil Dunster will have a role in Picture This. The actor is primarily known for his co-starring role in the Ted Lasso cast, where he played pro-footballer Jamie Tartt. He’s also appeared in shows like Strike Back, Humans, and more, and held a role in The Devil’s Hour. 

Nikesh Patel

Nikesh Patel is set to have a role in Picture This. The actor has appeared in various TV shows before this, including Four Weddings and a Funeral, Starstruck, The Devil’s Hour and more. He also had a role in the Netflix film, The After. 

Adil Ray

Adil Ray is also part of the cast. The actor has appeared in various comedies, but is mainly known for his starring role in Citizen Khan, a British sitcom. 

Kulvinder Ghir

Last but not least, we have Kulvinder Ghir, who is set to have a role in Picture This. The actor appeared in the sketch show, Goodness Gracious Me, and played a role in the films Rita, Sue and Bob Too! 

Talk about an impressive cast – one that I’m sure is going to knock it out of the park. 

Picture This Follows A Young Woman Who Finds Out She’ll Meet The Love Of Her Life On Her Next Five Dates

simone ashley on bridgerton

(Image credit: Netflix)

If you’re wondering what to expect when it comes to the story, we do have a premise for Picture This. Deadline thankfully gave us an idea of what we can expect. The film is going to be a rom-com that follows a girl who will supposedly meet “the love of her life” on her next five dates, thanks to a prediction from a spiritual guru. 

Her loved ones, who have seen her fail time and time again with her dates, decide to take this seriously, setting her up on a series of multiple blind dates that will surely lead to plenty of hilarity. Yes, I am already laughing at the premise of this movie. 

Picture This Is Based On Another Film

The main star of Five Blind Dates.

(Image credit: Amazon Prime)

Something that you might not know is that Picture This is actually based on a movie that’s already been made. Five Blind Dates was distributed by Amazon but released in Australia, and it follows a woman who is told by a fortune teller that she’ll meet the love of her life on her next five dates. 

The premise is pretty much the same, except for a few key changes, so it’s interesting to see where this new film will go with the story. 

Prarthana Mohan Is Directing

Screenshot of Phil Dunster, one of the stars of Picture This.

(Image credit: Apple TV+)

Deadline also confirmed that Prarthana Mohan directed Picture This. The director has worked on various films, including The MisEducation of Bindu, All for Her, Christmas is Canceled, and the TV film, The Christmas Break.  

Picture This Is In Post Production

Hero Fiennes Tiffin in First Love, who is also going to star in Picture This.

(Image credit: Voltage Pictures)

The last thing we know from Deadline is that Picture This has actually already been filmed – in fact, it’s in post production. This is why a 2024 movie release might actually happen. 

We’ll be keeping an eye out for a trailer or a release date for this one, because I’m getting excited just thinking about it – I can’t wait to dive into this hilarious rom-com. 

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