Kat Von D Talks New Album ‘Love Made Me Do It’ With Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew [Podcast]


Joining Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew in the Speakeasy Studio is a passionate creative force and one of the most compelling and evocative artists of our lifetime, Kat Von D. Classically trained as a piano player beginning at the age of 5, her love and talent for visual art propelled her into her first job at a tattoo shop at the age of 16. In 2005, Von D’s skills and charismatic personality were put on a podium in TLC’s  Miami Ink. In 2007 Von D brought us LA Ink, which quickly became the highest-rated prime time cable program, and etched her name into pop culture itself.

As an author, her first two books chronicling her career became instant New York Times bestsellers. Then Von D launched the world’s most successful beauty line, and a vegan footwear collection. Through it all, she continues to be a heartfelt amplifier of awareness and support for animal rights through education and endless donations. She built an art gallery and founded the world’s biggest tattoo and music festival. For Kat Von D, true religion has always been music.

Now through a collection of her own original music, Von D continues a romantic exploration into darkness. Her newest album is brazenly cinematic and vulnerable. Combining intimate sounding production, a voice serrated with emotion, and a melodic sense that has more in common with classical music than any traditional sense of pop songwriting. Kat Von D released her newest album, Love Made Me Do It on August 27, and will be touring this Fall.

In some ways, Kat Von D’s journey with music started in 2013, when a strange package arrived at her door. At the time, Von D was in a complicated relationship with a musician overseas. “He ended up writing me an album… Inside it had a note, ‘These are all the things easier sung than said.’” Von D thought there was no better way to respond, than with an album in kind. Of course, Von D didn’t just want to make an album, she wanted to master it. This began a journey of voice lessons, “For two years, six days a week, two hours a day.”

While Von D was honing her musical skills, she had numerous other projects going on at the time; a TV show, a book tour, and launching her makeup line. Von D says, “And I just kept putting the one thing that I was the most passionate about on the back burner. It wasn’t until last year, when I said ‘I don’t want to wait anymore. I wanna go on tour, I wanna release this album I’ve been working on.’” That was before everyone’s lives got put on pause. “We’ve just been in a holding tank, but now we’re finally gonna be able to tour!”

You can listen to Kat Von D’s full interview with The Boo Crew below!

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