Power Book III: Raising Kanan Exclusive Clip: Lou Makes Crown An Offer He Can’t Refuse!

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The time is now for Lou-Lou to make some significant changes.

And those big changes come in the form of expanding his own empire and taking half of what’s always been Crown Camacho’s.

TV Fanatic got an exclusive clip from Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 8, which sees Lou-Lou ready to make his mark away from the family business.

Lou-Lou has had one foot out the door for a bit now, or so it would seem.

And after the success of the showcase, he seems to realize that now is the time to strike and make a move to partner up with Crown.

The persistent, albeit slightly aloof Crown doesn’t seem too eager to give up half of his business, but what can he really do at this point?

This clip doesn’t show Crown formally printing his name on the dotted line, but with a gun nestled on Lou’s lap, he’s got one option and one option only.

From the moment Lou-Lou started bankrolling Bulletproof Records to keep things afloat, Crown should have sensed something like this could happen.

It was pretty naïve of him to think Lou-Lou was helping him out of the kindness of his heart.

Now, the bigger implication is what this means for Lou-Lou and his place in the family business, as both Marvin and Raq have voiced their displeasure with Lou’s new extracurricular activity.

It seems pretty apparent Lou needs his own thing outside of the family, and spending time at the studio, with Jessica in his ear, has given him the confidence to break out on his own.

Bulletproof Records has no ties to Raq. It has no ties to Marvin. It will be his and his alone.

But just how long will that last?

During the showcase on Power Book III Raising Kanan: Season 1 Episode 6, Lou wanted to keep things clean, but will that always be the case?

Elsewhere during this hour, Kanan must deal with the fallout from the blue-capped crack while Raq continues her push to obtain a new supplier.

With the Power prequels stellar first season nearing its finale, the relationships between Kanan and Raq, as well as Raq and her siblings, will be put to the ultimate test.

Unique isn’t going away, and with a war being waged, Raq will need every single hand on deck.

Now, the question becomes if Lou is still as committed to the family business now that he’s gotten a little taste of a whole new world.

Make sure to check out this exclusive clip and drop all your thoughts in the comments down below!

You can watch Power Book III: Raising Kanan on Starz, Sunday at 8/7c. And follow our reviews at TV Fanatic!

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