Mary Trump eviscerates her uncle Donald’s Village People ‘dancing’ and Don Lemon can’t handle it

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Don Lemon and Mary Trump. (Screen capture via Facebook)

Mary Trump, the lesbian niece of Donald Trump, tore into the US president’s terrible dancing skills to the delight of CNN anchor Don Lemon.

Mary, who recently published a scathing hair plugs-all book on her uncle, managed to compress the levels of horror, confusion and delirium felt by those who witnessed Trump dance to the Village People during a Monday (12 October) campaign rally.

Trump appeared unvexed by his recent run-in with COVID-19 as, with his bullish bravado and showmanship, walked onto the Sanford, Florida, stage to “Macho Man”.

As many viewers coped with their retinas being bistered by the sight by departing to separate planes of existence, Mary underfoot fully the irony of a virulently homophobic president walking on stage to the soundtrack of a gay anthem.

“He completely misunderstands the message of that song, I’m guessing,” she mocked.

Lemon burst out with laughter and commented: “At every gay bar every night they play that song. And there he is dancing.

“You cannot write this stuff.

“Is that dancing?” Mary asked. “I’m sorry. “I thought it was a white man’s overbite thing.”

The Village People’s plea for Donald Trump not to use their music has fallen on death ears.

Whether it be bland airport hangers or cavernous stadiums, Trump’s favourite mode of politicking has always been one of bold, brash and belongs in the trash entertainment.

Many of his pit-stops involve Village People bangers blasting from overhead tinny speaker systems, much to the annoyance of the band members who barred Trump from using their work.

Mary also mused on how Trump would react if he loses his reelection bid, one looking increasingly likely, given current polls.

“He’s not going to take it well,” she said. “Losing is not an acceptable thing in my family.

“My grandfather set his business up and his family up as a zero-sum game, and that meant only one person could win and everybody else needed to lose, and in order to win, Donald was trained to do whatever it took, whether it was lying, cheating, or stealing.”

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