Village People star tells Donald Trump to stop playing their music at rallies in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

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Donald Trump inexplicably entered the arena to the Village People at a rally in India in February 2020. (Getty)

Village People lead singer Victor Willis has told US president Donald Trump to stop playing their music at his rallies.

This is a marked change of tune from the band, who in February 2020 said they were “absolutely fine” with Trump playing gay anthem ‘Macho Man’ at his rallies.

Willis, who co-wrote ‘Macho Man’ and ‘Y.M.C.A.’, told Trump to stop playing Village People songs at his rallies if he follows through with his threat to set the military on Black Lives Matter protestors.

He made the demand in a Facebook post on Friday (June 5).

“If Trump orders the U.S. military to fire on his own citizens (on U.S. soil), Americans will rise up in such numbers outside of the White House that he might be forced out of office prior to the election. Don’t do it Mr. President!” Willis said.

“And I ask that you no longer use any of my music at your rallies especially ‘Y.M.C.A.’ and ‘Macho Man’.

“Sorry, but I can’t support what you’re proposing.”

When fans pressed him on it, Willis emphasises that “peacefully protesting [outside] the White House in massive numbers demanding [Trump] resign is not storming the White House”.

“That’s democracy,” he added.

This is a big change from February, when fans questioned the Village People after Trump played ‘Macho Man’ at a rally with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

At the time, the Village People released a statement saying that as Trump was being “respectful” while playing their songs, they wouldn’t be asking him to stop.

The band said: “We have received numerous requests demanding that we prevent or ban president Donald Trump’s use of our songs, particularly ‘YMCA’ and ‘Macho Man’.

“With the latest use of ‘Macho Man’ in India, we are being inundated and can no longer remain silent.”

The statement added: “[Trump] has remained respectful in his use of our songs and has not crossed the line; if he or any other candidate were to use any of our songs in a manner that would suggest our endorsement, or in a promotional advertisement, that would cross the line.

“Like millions of Village People fans worldwide, the president and his supporters have shown a genuine like for our music.

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